Govt. Lic.No:1415/074/075


Message from Managing Director

I would like to welcome you in Liverpool HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. It is a certified manpower recruiting agency in Nepal with business interests in international recruitment.
Here, I am honored in front of you as the Managing Director, heading our core business in manpower recruitment. Liverpool HR Solution – A Foreign Employment Agency, duly licensed by Department of Foreign Employment to provide you with the professional personnel manpower recruitment services. Our paramount and cherished objective is to make the recruitment and placement easy, fast,impeccable, and cost-effective, helping both the employees and employers.
Having been in this field since a long time, I can foresee a bright future in rendering this service of bringing closer the employers and employees for their mutual prosperity. A crucial element of our philosophy has been to establish trust and authenticity amongst our clients and amongst the people that make up our database. Nepalese employees are the most pursued in every sector globally, for their honest, intellectual, technical, physical and adaptive abilities.
I am confident in fulfilling every aspect of your manpower needs, to your immense satisfaction.
Thank You.
With Best Regards!
Ram Prasad Neupane
Managing Director