Govt. Lic.No:1415/074/075


The mission of Liverpool HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. is to cater to varied needs of your clients and provide the best services. We aim to benefit the clients since the manpower available in Nepal are hard working, honest & loyal. They can adapt to adverse climatic conditions and yield effective output.


Liverpool HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. visions being successfully in taking the shape of leading manpower recruiting agency worldwide. We aim to deliver highly competent and motivated personnel to overseas employers. We are determinate to further expand company’s operation to reach wider audience and build strong ties with our clients and candidates.


Main objective, the company is to see and legally provide employment opportunities to various categories of labour force and professional personnel to overseas countries. Liverpool HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. makes all efforts to keep in touch with workers sent abroad for employment until their return home or in most case transfer to other countries as well. This company also, ensures the workers will be adequately immunized and in case of serious injuries or death the workers or their families are compensated through insurance companies. This company looks towards cooperation for the supply of Nepalese manpower force to your country. This would definitely strengthen the friendship between our two nations and support our national development scheme.